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CLASS A Apol Classe is an irreversible single-stage alginate for crowns and bridges. It comes in a predosed sealed pot. This accurate dose measurement is essential for consistent and reproducible results.

  • The quantity of water required is measured using the dosette pack and then added to the powder, and the two are mixed in the conventional way using a spatula specially designed for the shape of the pot. In addition, the pot has been designed for optimum grip.
  • Mixing time is about 30–40 seconds, producing a paste of completely uniform consistency. Using water at 23°C, working time after spatulation is 2 minutes 10 seconds before the material starts to gel. Note that you have the advantage of being able to change the working time. In some situations it may be necessary to prolong the working time of the material. In this case, just use refrigerated water.
  • The material is then loaded into the impression tray and into the syringe, without rushing. Setting time in the mouth is about 45 seconds after the material has begun to gel. The pot is single-use only and should be disposed of with recyclable waste. At last! Bowl-washing has become a thing of the past.
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Le Classe APOL est un Hydrocolloïde irréversible monophase destiné à la prothèse fixée.

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