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The automatic mixer makes Apol Classe much simpler to use. The contents of the sealed dosette pack are poured into the Teflon® goblet, and the quantity of water required is measured using the dosette pack and then added to the powder.

  • The powder and water are first mixed with a spatula in order to wet the powder sufficiently.
    The goblet cover is then sealed, the lid of the mixer is lifted and the goblet is placed in the goblet compartment.
    The machine is extremely simple to use - just close the lid and press the button to start the mixer.
    The machine is a planetary mixer, with dual bowl rotation at a speed of about 2000 rpm. Mixing time is ultrafast - only 12 seconds to produce an exceptionally smooth and uniform bubble-free paste, optimising the intrinsic properties of the material.
    The volume of paste produced is sufficient for filling a large impression tray and a syringe for injecting the material onto preparations.

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L’utilisation du mélangeur automatique simplifie considérablement la manipulation du Classe APOL.

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