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At this patient's last visit we made temporary crowns slightly overhanging the cervical margin, to open up the gingival margin which was necessary for injecting the material without using retraction chords.

  • The preparations were cleaned meticulously and the minor bleeding which had occurred during this stage was stopped with ferric sulphate. We carried out the same process on the right side of the arch where a small extension bridge will be fabricated. The temporary crowns were cleaned and then reseated on the preparations for a few minutes to keep the sulcus open before taking the impression.
    The unperforated metal impression tray was then tried. The field was then debrided by inserting wet cotton rolls into the vestibule. Apol Classe is a very hydrophilic material. Excess water can be removed if necessary, but the most important thing is to avoid letting preparations become dry.
  • We are going to use both methods for applying the impression material during the same impression:
    on one side, the material will be injected using a syringe. on the other side it will be applied to the preparations with a forefinger. The full impression tray is seated on the arch and kept in place until the material has set completely.
    The impression is then withdrawn without dragging or tilting by using a jet of compressed air directed between the material and the patient's lip. The quality of the impression is checked and it can be seen that irrespective of the method used, the reproduction of the cervical margins is equally clear on both sides of the arch. The plaster model will confirm the accuracy of the margins, and will enable the prosthodontist to identify the margins of the preparations easily.
    When the bridge comes back from the laboratory, we try it in ... and then we check that it fits perfectly in the mouth before the definitive cementing.

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