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When using a bur or removing any temporary cement left in the sulcus, it is not uncommon to cause minor bleeding. It is essential to carry out haemostasis before putting retraction cords in place and taking the impression.

A product based on ferric sulphate should be used for haemostasis. This type of product is very effective, and is the most compatible with Apol Classe . Bleeding gum tissue is rubbed with the special tip while the product is applied. Haemostasis takes place in less than a minute. The mouth should then be washed copiously to remove any residual clots and any trace of the product.

NB !
All aluminium chloride-based haemostasis and gingival retraction fluids are incompatible with Apol Classe. Aluminium chloride is very astringent, and some of the material will remain stuck to the margins of the preparations despite careful washing, which will of course make the impression completely unusable.

Rétraction gingivale

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