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Dear Colleague,
You have expressed interest in trying the "Apol Classe" for your fixed prosthesis impressions, and I sincerely believe that this is an excellent choice. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
The product is a high-definition irreversible hydrocolloid. It is of course a member of the alginate family, as the main component is obtained from brown algae, but its characteristics and performance make it a highly unique material. This is why it's preferable to refer to it using the commercial name "Apol Classe" in order to distinguish it from the alginates you are used to handling.
To more fully understand the performance of the "Apol Classe", we need to provide you with figures on the properties of this new material compared with current European standards (EN21503):
                                                  EN21503 standards                         Apol Classe
Permanent deformation            3%                                                 0.12% at 24 hrs
                                                                                                                  0.3%  at 36 hrs  
Tear resistance                           3 kg/cm²                                        14 kg/cm²
Surface detail reproduction        20 microns                                     7 microns                     
As you can see, the "Apol Classe" is an exceptional material whose performance can be compared with the best elastomers.  
Use of "Apol Classe" does not require special dexterity. Quite the contrary in fact; it's a material that is extremely simple to handle.
It's used in a similar way to polyethers or single stage silicones, but as with any new material or new technique, it's essential to go through a brief learning period, which I myself also had to do. It's a material which I now couldn't live without as I use it in almost 90% of fixed prosthesis cases.
A particular feature of the product is its innovative packaging in disposable predosed pots. This accurate measurement of power and water ensures consistently high quality. It should be noted that the compaction discrepancy of powder you normally use in bulk can be as high as 20%.
I recommend watching the attached DVD* which illustrates the different clinical cases and the sequence of recommendations.
Take the time to familiarise yourself with this new material. For your initial tests with "Apol Classe", I recommend starting with single elements and simple preparations such as inlay cores or cast crowns. You'll be surprised by the excellent adaptability of the prostheses produced and will quickly move on to impressions for multiple and more complex preparations. 
Last but not least, it's also important to point out that the "Apol Classe" is three times more economical than a silicon. In addition, it's a fully biodegradable material.
I'm sure you will enjoy many successful impressions using the "Apol Classe". 
Kind regards
Pierre Beurrier
Dental Surgeon



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